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I repair, restore, or conserve unique and unusual stringed instruments and weave rush for antique chairs. If you have a damaged instrument or rush-seat chair that has been in your family for generations or an old one you've acquired that means everything to you, check with me. Free consultation and estimate. E-mail: To see work I've done, check out my Repair Logs page. Definitions Repairs: Repairing brings a stringed instrument that has been altered or modified and is not in its original state back to playability. New woods and materials may be used to fix damages. Older instruments used in modern music may need stronger and/or additional interior bracing to accomodate modern string tension and tunings. Restoration: Restoring an instrument brings it back to its original appearance and playability. Older equivalent woods and vintage materials may be used to replace missing pieces. Conservation: Conserving an instrument makes it appear in its original state and condition. However, conserved instruments cannot always be played. They are usually for display only (like many museum pieces).
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